Making northeast Calgary safer and stronger, together.



I am ready to represent Calgarians in the North East communities of Ward 10. I am ready to listen. I am ready to stand for transparency, collaboration, evidence and innovation.

I'm ready to work for more opportunities for citizen participation and strengthening our neighbourhoods. I am ready to work on stronger investments in local infrastructure, local business development, safer transit and safer roads. 

I have the experience needed to represent Calgarians. I have a master's degree in Public Policy and I have been working with the province and the city on policy and regulatory change for five years. I've spent my life working, volunteering, learning and connecting people and ideas together, here in Calgary. 

Read more about how we can make northeast Calgary safer and stronger, together. 

Do you live in one of the Ward 10 neighbourhoods? Contact me and let's talk.

The ward boundaries have been redrawn. Ward 10 now encompasses the communities of Abbeydale, Coral Springs, Marlborough, Marlborough Park, Mayland Heights, Monterey Park, Pineridge, Rundle, Temple, Vista Heights and Whitehorn. Get in touch, I'd love to meet you!