Safer & Stronger Ward 10

Northeast Calgary is amazing and it’s time everyone knew it. We have lovely homes, beautiful gardens and trees, great public spaces and, most importantly, welcoming and supportive neighbours.

We need political leadership that will champion strong infrastructure and smart urban design policies that support our safety and strengthen our local economy. 

As your city councillor, I will work respectfully with city administration, community members and local business to champion northeast Calgary as a great place to live, work and play.

Safer roads, transit, public and commercial spaces.

  1. We need better investments in lighting up and monitoring our LRT platforms, bus stops, pathways and some back alleys. 
  2. We need safer roads. In some areas we need to slow down traffic and in some areas we need to get pedestrians, cars, bikes, busses and trains moving with much more efficiency and safety. This includes enhancing accessibility for people with limited mobility and for wheelchairs and strollers.
  3. We need to ensure choice in housing that meet peoples’ needs at every age and stage of life.

Northeast Calgary is the best of Calgary. Authentic, nutritious and delicious food, original and unique shopping and tons of fun family activities – the northeast has it all.

I want to see our local businesses on the "best of Calgary" lists. It’s time to support our local business community through smarter partnerships and stronger infrastructure.

A stronger local economy

  1. We need smarter infrastructure that supports encouraging people to spend time in and around our commercial areas. Smarter infrastructure means more effective transit, safer traffic flows and better walkability including sidewalks and pathways for all our commercial areas.
  2. We need to renew and reactivate our commercial areas with stronger partnerships that integrate community, art and culture and even urban farming into our business areas. We’ve heard your desire for innovation in the northeast and I love it. Let’s do it together.
  3. It’s time to shine a spotlight on the Northeast. It’s time to build partnerships in celebration of our awesome people, active and vibrant community groups and our local entrepreneurs and businesses.

Click here to read my thoughts on the many other issues citizens are asking about during this election.


Do you have ideas on how to make the communities of Ward 10 safer and stronger? Reach out to me and let’s talk.

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