Salimah is an Innovation Strategist for United Way Calgary and Area. She is a recognized thought leader and expert in social and community development. She has a Master's degree in public policy from the University of Calgary where she developed knowledge and experience in macro and micro economics as well as social policy.

Before joining United Way, Salimah spent five years working on community economic development at Momentum. During this time, she partnered with individuals and families living on low incomes to create positive financial change in their lives. 

Salimah is entrepreneurial. She is a strong supporter of social enterprises and locally-owned businesses. She has taught youth entrepreneurship at a local social enterprise, Momentum, has operated her own consulting businesses, and been an early supporter and investor in numerous social enterprises throughout the city.

Salimah values diverse perspectives and has demonstrated this in her career and volunteer life. Her perspective is wide and her curiosity is deep. She has lived in three international cities, and has visited over 40 countries. In her late twenties, Salimah worked internationally as a drama teacher in Tanzania and Hong Kong. 

Sallimah is an artist. She questions and holds up truth so it can be seen and heard. Salimah has a Bachelor’s degree in theatre from the University of Victoria. After her degree, Salimah worked for Theatre SKAM, The Belfry Theatre and Alberta Theatre Projects and was the co-founder of Bent Penny Theatre.

Salimah is a volunteer. She is a team member and partner. While growing up in northeast Calgary, Salimah volunteered with the Ismaili community, and her commitment to volunteering grew. Salimah is a friend and mentor, an organizer and doer, a fundraiser and envelope stuffer and is always present when needed.

Would you like to get to know Salimah? Contact us and we will set up a meeting.

Want more details on Salimah’s career? Take a look at her LinkedIn page.

Want to hear Salimah’s thoughts on fighting poverty in Calgary? Watch her TedxCalgary talk.


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