What do you love about living in North East Calgary? What changes would you like to see? Send us a message with your thoughts and ideas.

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    I am most concerned about the wasted money on garbage that has been marketed to the City as art work. Most residents of Calgary work hard for their money and are outraged by that stupidity.

    I have looked over the information that the Calgary Herald collected on you and the other candidates. It is my opinion that your answers were the best by a margin. I expect that I will vote for you but I need to be open to any new information I obtain.
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    I forgot the love part about living in the NE . I live around a lot of seniors, so I feel like they are the watchdogs of the neighbourhood…in the summer, they’re outside a lot of the time, so they can keep an eye on activities going on. I like that are main amenities are so close by that I can walk to some of them. I also like that its a diversified , multicultural neighbourhood.
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